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Throughout his coaching career, Josh Summersgill realised that the physical adaptations of the people that he coached were extremely important, but they were nothing in comparison to the psychological developments that he witnessed.

These incredible psychological developments and lessons that were uncovered through training are extremely potent when applied to everyday life. These developments are the secrets that Josh wants to share with you!

Whether you seek to improve your physical performance in sport or training, or you want to fortify and bulletproof your mindset to enable you to achieve anything that you set your mind to, it’s time to start Moving The Needle!

“A lot of what Josh talks about in Moving The Needle are key things to why I believe I have personally been successful. You’re going to really enjoy reading it.”

Kari Pearce – 6x CrossFit Games Athlete & 4x Fittest Woman in America

“Josh is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. He’s a wealth of knowledge, yet he still constantly pushes to learn more and pass on his wisdom. He’s meticulous and passionate about everyone under his wing, and has an amazing focus on progress and performance. Josh is the epitome of a coach. With the perfect balance of understanding, support and tough love.”

Adam Travis – 2002 Commonwealth Weightlifting Championship Medalist

“The best around at what he does. No frills, no nonsense. Josh is so much more than a coach. Although through working with Josh my ability, technique and performance numbers have improved dramatically, I have gained so much more mentally. These mental developments have carried over into my day to day life.”

Mark Banner – Athlete, Client & Close Friend